pegon Business

In addition to the production of thermoplastics, pegon is active in the following areas:

Supplier partnerships
We represent international plastics producers in Europe, supporting our partners during market launches with our knowhow and first-rate industry contacts. We also open up the entire European market to our partners, from the EU to Eastern Europe and the CIS.

Sourcing Solutions
International supply management offers considerable potential to heighten business success in the global marketplace. Pegon helps you with the flexible, efficient and cost-effective procurement of plastics on the world’s most important markets.

Logistical & industrial services
We offer a comprehensive range of services in the areas of logistics, storage, packaging, recycling and reconditioning through our Industrial Service Centre.

Technical services & product development
Our team of experienced specialists provides professional on-site technical support, collaborating during the product development stages, consulting you when defining your requirement profile, choosing polymers and selecting the products resulting from these. Our research and development department also generates customer-specific polyolefin solutions for your unique applications.

Compounding technology
We offer compounding as a complete service. Based on the specified product requirements, we develop formulas together with the customer, select the best-suited raw materials and additives, and fabricate the desired amounts of the necessary granules.